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My Roman Meal Memory Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner - $1,000

Kellie - Lexington, KY

Better Than Any Other!
"Patient and kind..full of love so sweet..
memories of eating Roman Meal bread, our favorite treat.
She raised me right..better than any other..
I will always cherish my dear Grandmother..
I can't help but smile when I think of the way..
the delicious wheat bread on my plate made my day.
Sweet memories of sandwiches at Grandma's house,
giggling when bread crumbs went down her blouse!
When I eat it today, it takes me back,
to those special meals, or mid-day snacks.
I learned at an early age, thanks to my Grandmother..
Roman Meal is better than any other! "

Runner Up – 2 free Roman Meal bread product coupons

Marie - Hobe Sound, FL
No more School Lunch!
I remember as a child dreading lunch time at school because that meant I would have to eat the gross lunch they served. Just the smell that would brew in the air two hours before lunch would make me sick to my stomach. One day I couldn't take it anymore and told my mom how I hated the school lunches. She promised to make lunch for me from then on. The very next day I couldn't wait for lunch time to see what was in my NEW lunch box. Just having my own lunch box made me feel like one of the cool kindergartners. Then, at twelve on the dot, I dashed to the lunch table, opened my lunch box, unwrapped my sandwich, and there it was, a yummy salami sandwich. I can remember the Roman Meal bread like it was yesterday. It wasn't like the school lunches' dry, plain bread that you would rather feed to a pigeon. It was fresh and made the sandwich so much better! I spent my entire lunch period slowly eating that sandwich instead of rushing to "play time". From that moment on I had my mother make me a sandwich everyday using Roman Meal bread.

Sam - Uniontown, PA
great grandmother
I member when I was little my grandmother always ate darker bread.I thought it was just a bread older people liked,sence it wasnt white.Well one day grandmother made us sandwish's on the darker bread.Was a scared to trt but we did and it was good now as I am older and a family of my own I have got my son to try bread.He now eats it all the time.Like grandmother always said don't knock it till you try it.Sure glad I did.

Roger - Lombard, IL
Roman Meal Sandwich Saturday
I remember as a kid my parents taking me shopping, we would pick up 2 Roman Meal bread loaves, ham or turkey and a jar of mayonnaise. My siblings and I picked the lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. We toasted the bread and put all the sandwiches (14 in all) together before we could eat. I remember vividly, it was a treat for us to have such an awesome sandwich once a week.

Gail - Duluth, GA
Grandma's Sandwiches
When I was a child, I would go and visit my grandma each summer. She lived in Florida and I lived in the Midwest. I was a picky eater and I didn’t much like sandwiches. But when grandma makes a meal, it always tasted better then when I was at home (plus who wants to make your grandma mad?) She used Roman Meal bread. I loved the sandwiches she made (made with extra love) and that turned me into a Roman Meal and sandwich lover that I am now! Grandma and Roman Meal… can’t beat that combination. She has been gone for many years (she lives on in my heart), but Roman Meal lives on forever and that is what I will use when I make sandwiches for my grandkids (someday…LOL).

Susan - Kutztown, PA
My Husband;s Favorite Bread
One of the first things I found out about my husband, after we met in July 1977, was that he loved Roman Meal bread! I had never tasted it and decided to buy a loaf so I could impress him with a grilled swiss cheese sandwich made with his favorite bread! What a great combination that was. He must have been impressed because we've been married now for 33 years!

Pamela - Union, SC
Growing Up With Roman Meal
When I was five, I remember spending lots of time with a family in the neighborhood. My babysitter lived right around the corner from my house. There was always Roman Meal bread in the house. I loved to come home from school and eat a sandwich made with Roman Meal bread, pickle loaf and Duke's mayonnaise. Still, to this day, that sandwich is one of my ways to call up those precious childhood memories.

Peggy - Portland, OR
In The Bag
"Memories of my grandmother come to mind when the aroma of Roman Meal is toasting and filling the house. My first memories of Roman Meal bread were over 45 years ago at my grandmothers. Grandma always used Roman Meal with the fresh whole grains. I always thought she had baked it herself until she asked my to get a couple of slices of bread for her while preparing breakfast. But where? In the bread box, the vintage bread box I still have to this was there, to my amazement ""In The Bag""! Wow, we then proceeded to have our usual peanut butter and honey mixture topped with slices of fresh bananas. Now that was a memory I continued with my child and my grandchildren. Now that was a breakfast...and that was Roman Meal that made it comfort food."

Toni - Kaneohe, HI
Mama knows best!
"When I was just a tiny tot,
Roman Meal is the bread mom bought,
Only the healthiest foods we ate,
But mom made sure they tasted great!
Whether peanut butter and jam on toast,
or fresh seasoned chicken she would roast,
Whatever kind we had for lunch,
Sure made for a tasty munch!
When my son was little, too,
I fed him right as he grew.
He is now a big strong man,
Thanks to Roman Meal...what a game plan!"

Monica - Phoenix, AZ
Breakfast with Grandma
I fondly remember meals with my Grandmother. She was an amazing woman and an even more amazing cook. I used to spend all my school vacations and summer vacations with her. I loved spending time with her. One of her favorite things to make was oatmeal for breakfast with toast and orange juice. She always used Roman Meal bread as it tasted delicious. Now as an adult I serve my children Roman Meal. It's the only bread I purchase.